If you're going to be shopping for the midnight sale this weekend, you best be prepared because you'll need more than sharpened elbows to beat the crowds. Here are some tips for you to be a smart shopper before the Midnight Sale begins!

1. Make a Shopping List

Try to make a shopping list to minimize overspend or buy things you don’t want/need, and try to buy things that are on the list only.

2. Use Comfortable Shoes

Find a suitable shoes to walking around and not suffer from foot pain. You do want to spend hours and hours for shopping and trying all the clothes, don't you? Say good bye for a while to your favorite heels, ladies! ;)

3. Try It On

A dress is stunning on the hanger or a mannequin, but you should try it on first to get your total look for better or worse. Try also other looks to get an idea which style is best on you.

4. Have A Dinner First

Because believe it or not, feeling hungry can trigger your emotion to make you shop unconsciously. Take your favorite meal to boost up your mood. Make sure you’re properly fueled up before entering the midnight sale! 

That’s all! Don’t forget and be prepared to come to Central Midnight Sale tomorrow!