Disaya Sorakraikitikul, Creative Director of Disaya, has always taken inspirations from her journeys and interpreted these unique experiences into her collections. For Autumn/Winter 2015, a collection that inspired by the arts during the French Renaissance, Disaya brings the ladies out to explore an extraordinary trip filled with endless creativities. Cut, trimmed and extracted, the designs were rendered throughout the process to maintain only the key message of the artwork. The results harmonise timeless designs with modern edge, making a smooth transition from the old era to the contemporary world.

With classic interpretations that motivate new shapes and silhouettes, dresses have slick and slender lines while the cutting and shapes give unique volumes at thigh. Details and techniques are sharper, while superfluous elements are minimised. Instead, the centre of attention is in the quality and stories behind every detail. Greater focus has also been placed on the contrasts of clashing opposites; sequinned and embroidered sparkling vines on techno-couture fabric in streamlined silhouettes shows off the harmonious rhythm of two opposing materials. 

This winter, all looks are more modernised and sophisticated under streamlined silhouettes – from printed Toile de Jouy colour-blocking patchworks on a simple-silhouetted coat to Punk-Rock inspired safety pins or oversized crystal zip on a dress with sheer and metallic fabric. Interesting feminine elements are seen on woven patterns mimicking vintage drawings as well as on little handcrafted details on the seam and textured lockstitches. The collection offers different shades from the usual Disaya palette. These include Sauvignon red and Mallard green paired with basic colours such as white, cream, black, dark blue, and Blush Rosette pink, the iconic symbol of the brand; rounding out with woven patterns and prints that are also used on top handle bag, sneakers, and wedges.  

Jewellery brings the Punk, Rococo, and Romanticism to life on slick and smart materials in forms of studded leather choker, dropped earrings, rings, bracelet, and necklaces.