For Sangkuriang Spring/Summer 2016, Rinda Salmun presents a collection that combines a sense of playfulness, rebellious andbravery. As part of the Rinda Salmun brand characteristic, this collection aims to define the way that clothes can be at once strong, bold and gallant but also sweet and feminine.

The collection ranges from fluid cutting on a masculine top with a touch of feminity, playful wave of lines within a sharp silhouette of dress, the signature tuxedo wrap dresses with contrasting panels of prints and cuttings on cocktail dress and work wear.

In collaboration with illustrator, Agra Satria, the collection tells a story about the scenes within the famous Sundanese Sangkuriang legend.  Prints of the Tangkuban Perahu landscape, the origin of the characters within the story, the feel and mood of the story all compiled with a mix of 90s gunge feel on the silhouette. Shades of dark green, peach, rose pink, pearl white, and black are used variously as counterpoint or a frame. Fabrics comprise from gabardine, brocade, denim and neoprene jersey with the addition of stretched mesh and acrylic cuttings that resembles shapes of nature, derived from the story.