La La Land

No'om | no'mi consistent with contemporary style, eccentric and unisex. Themes LA (Los Angeles) inspires Soetjipto Hoeijaja in this collection as it becomes the place where creative industry, sporty lifestyle, relax (laid back), health conscious in the US growth that characterizes the city. For the men's collection no'om released a variety of shirts with oversized silhouettes accented with pockets, as well as unisex pants with two tone colors in modern pieces that become iconic look for this season. Biker jacket appeared with the light material to be used for the climatic conditions in Jakarta. Overall the collection in no'om (men's wear) and no'mi (women's wear) "La La Land" was presented with a color palette of black, white and army green - a unique blend of colors to represent modern urban society, strong and open minded that soon available on the 1st floor of Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia East Mall.