Who Is Eva? Eva captures the current interpretation of a contemporary women; a free soul independent city woman who is unafraid to take risks with her fashion mannerisms.

Her appeal is as exquisite as a LOTUS flower. As the saying the thicker the mud, the more it bloom goes, she embodies the essence of beauty and delicacy of a lotus petals and the strength to flourish within the pressures of life.

She is sensual. Expressed in her manners and gestures. She is independent, portrayed in her confidence. She is smart.

She is brave. She is EVA.

LOTUZ Spring Summer 2016 collection is Kesya Moedjenan’s first season as creative director. The collection translates the embodiment of EVA, a women full of confidence, strength, wit, and sensuality. The silhouettes were adapted from a mixture of era: ranging from the 1800s, 1930s and the early 1950s. The feminine theme is combined with overlapping materials in shape of lotus petals. The rounded edges gives pure softness to a wide-leg trousers and outerwear lapels. Volume is also added to give the collection a sense of lightness. The colors for this season in mint green, brown, white, grey, and an array or neutral colors.

This collection was showcased in New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and Jakarta Fashion Week to an array of international buyers and media.