We would like to present you our latest collection, Spring-Summer 2016 with the title Wanderlust. The key words of this collection is simple yet playful. We want to take out the seriousness in fashion and present a collection that a lot of men from different age group can relate. Mix and match of two different fabrics and colour are at play throughout the collection. With this collection, we are going back to the staple of men's clothing items, we want to picture fluidity and ease in movement with loose fitting shapes. Our brand DNA still very much visible which is sporty, young, fresh and fun. 

The Inspiration of this collection is simply to travel, travel your mind or your body to every corner of the world in search for the divine inspirations to enrich your true self. as the name shows, Wanderlust which means the yearn to always travel; we want our collection to travel with the wearer, it moves when the wearer moves and also giving that this is our 6th season with followings and customers worldwide, we would like our collection to be more global and suitable for every playful wanderer soul around the world. 

We use high quality breathable natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton and silk. the Blue linen in the linen collection is yarn dyed and the cotton poplin in the crisp collection give architectural shapes. we also use luxurious fabrics such as leather mixed with textural neoprene. We design all the prints ourselves, even though we are using less prints this time around, because we want the collection to show its strength from shapes and fabrics. 

a quote from a www.thosepieritwins.com blog that gave a review on our collection.  

“ Pack your bags up and leave. Take a plane. Or a train. Get on a horse or an elephant. Jump in the water. Swim to freaking Madagascar. This is basically what Yassir of Bleach Project is telling all of us to do. How can you blame him? Who doesn’t love to travel? Okay, maybe your grandma doesn’t but it doesn’t matter. Bleach Project SS16 is not really grandma wear. It’s fresh and young, sporty and fun”