There comes a time in almost every man’s life when he needs of buying a proper watch for himself. The very first step to owning a proper watch is understanding yourself and the basic of the watch. We’ve sort out some of the basic knowledge for you to buy a watch, shall we begin?

    • Measure your wrist size, exactly where you want to war your watch. Loop a measuring tape around your wrist and round up to get the number.
    • Select the right watch size. Most of the times, the larger your wrist size, the larger a watch diameter you can wear. There are three sizes you can refer to:
      1. Small size: less than and equal to 28mm.
      2. Medium size: 29 - 38mm.
      3. Large size: more than and equal to 39mm.
      4. Extra large size: usually starts at 44mm and beyond.
    • Material of the band
      1. Leather band made a subtle yet classic style.
      2. Metal band usually look more aggressive, modern, and contemporary.
      3. Synthetic materials mostly used on sport or outdoor watches.
    • Basic watch-face color
      1. Black and white/off-white is the simplest and easy to read.
      2. Dark colors such as blue and brown still can be used in most formal and business occasion but still are generally casual.
      3. Bright colors can only be paired with casual attire.
    • Movement
      1. Quartz typically the most affordable movement but requires electricity charge from battery.
      2. Automatic usually more precise. Purely mechanical power.
      3. Kinetic movement uses your motion to recharge the power of the movement. No battery needed for this kind of watches.
    • Crystal
      1. Plexiglass watches are soft and cheap but they’re not scratch-resistant. Some fine jeweler offers crystal polishing to get rid of the scratches.
      2. Mineral glass is the affordable and mostly come in a scratch-resistant material. Be very careful not to drop these kind of watches since they can shatter on hard impact. - Sapphire crystal watches are made to last and usually the most expensive ones. Not only scratch resistant, sapphire also harder to break.

Now, after reading all the lists above, you should have a better idea about your proper watch looks like. More importantly, you’ll be able to decide which watch to buy. In that case, you can jump to our Ground Floor to check out the selection of fine watches that may suit your style.