End of year is coming, it’s time to plan for your holiday! Nowadays, we have lots of convenience in planning every trip we want to make. Modern itinerary-making tools, from websites to applications, allowing you to build exact timelines along with your airplane ticket details, transportation, and accommodation.

So what’s the secret of making a flawless itinerary?

  1. Realistic Planning. Your itinerary, especially when your holiday includes multiple countries, can be a massive challenge. Some of us reacts to the challenge by coming up with a full day’s worth of activities on day one, hour by hour, despite the time difference. Although that isn’t impossible, most likely you’ll feel like spending time in correctional bootcamp. Be realistic to your itinerary. You don’t have to visit every places but in the end of the day you feel like losing the connection and depth with the places you’ve just visited. Another best tips is to research events happening in your destination while you there. Local festivities are sometimes the best way to get insight from local residence.
  2. Make Alternative Plans. Ask yourself a question, what are going to do when the flight delayed? The restaurant closed? Or the place you are visiting raining all day? Make a list of backup places and activities, just in case you need it.
  3. Useful Websites and Apps. Research for a convenient websites and applications to plan your itineraries. Some of our favorites including Tripit.com and HotelQuickly application.
    TripIt allows you to create itineraries online or in-app. If you give the app permission to do so, it will even search your email for airplane and hotel booking and add it up automatically to your list. The free version already incorporate maps, directions, and weather.
    Another favorite is HotelQuickly app. Not only it can save you when you forget to book a last-minute room in your destination, it brings you Asia-Pasific’s top rated hotels, hands selected by dedicated team, at the lowest rates. The application uses your in-phone positioning system to determine where you are and show up with best deals around your place. Payment can be done quickly with PayPal or Credit Card.
    Oh, have we told you that they’re offering you exclusive discounts with 20% OFF on average from the best price on the internet? Download here now.
  4. Don’t Get Too Attached. And finally, your itinerary is not a bible. Things will go wrong sometimes, and you don’t have to overly worried about what will going to happen. Consider a free day to your itinerary, because sometimes it will bring you to discover some attractions you didn’t even know existed. To sum up everything, sometimes the most flexible itineraries are the best, expect the unexpected, and you’ll be just fine. Happy holiday!