HYSTERIC GLAMOUR is an authentic fashion brand based on standard American casual style, including denim, military, workwear, and outdoor products. Keeping the core of standard American style, they arrange all products by adding an essence of American pop culture in ’60 to ‘80s. From rock music, art, pornography to mass products, they arrange the beauty of good old American culture to express out their one and only fine collection to all customers. 

Not only reviving the silhouette and image of the product, we focus on research and craftsmanship to reappear its authenticity in detail of material and process of making product. They respect the detail of vintage piece delivered in the past, but also aggressively adopt latest and innovative technology to develop original materials for HYSTERIC GLAMOUR. Moreover, graphic works and visuals are another aspects they focus to symbolize their brand. 
From respecting the authenticity and pop culture, they continuously hold collaboration projects with various musicians, artists and other brands to provide their premium quality to all customers in the world.