Image Courtesy of Little Marc Jacobs                   

It’s not that hard to style-up your little one/s. Just by adding one of these accessories to their casual outfit, it can give a whole different outlook to their style.



For the boys, a hooded pullovers can give your boy warm and stylish. A hooded pullover paired with a denim, corduroy or even a short could never go wrong. Find a pullover with bold appliqués and graphic prints to add more look.



The most important accessory now a day is Hat, since it can really help to protect your kids from the heat, they can also help to match with the clothes your kids wear. Worn it in different styles, either in normal way or wear it backwards for a swag look. Match the color with the shoes for a cool look.



We know that isn’t easy to get your little girls’ hair done. So why don’t you style it in an easy way. Use a headband to make them look chick and stylish while it can also keep the hair back off their face. Headbands can go with any hairstyle and outfits. Explore every style of headbands, from turban headbands, tie in a bow or twisted headbands.



The reasons why sunnies are important for your kids:

  1. Protect your kids’ eyes when under the bright sun.
  2. Super cute on them 



One of the hottest shoe trends for 2015 is Slip-on sneaker. People love it because it’s comfortable, easy to put on and also come with many stylish prints and colors. Style tip: leave the socks or try to put hidden socks underneath for a stylish look. Why don’t you try to purchase a pair for your kids, this weekend? 

Find a new look for your kids at Little Marc Jacobs, Central Department Store - Grand Indonesia, East Mall, 2nd Floor.