Every man who's a real man's man needs to have a real man's business suit. You want to look good, and you want clothes that reflect your ambition and your drive, hence we spoke with leading style experts to help nail down the basics. Check out their top tips right here:

1. The Must-Have Color

The first two suits hanging in any man’s closet should be solid shades of navy and charcoal grey, and if you had to choose between the two, charcoal gray is a non-negotiable. During the day, you can wear it with a blue shirt and brown shoes for a business look. Switch it with a white shirt, no tie, change your shoes to black for a more casual style in the afternoon.

2. Expanding Your Collections

A black suit is your third must-buy but should be reserved for dressier occasions like cocktail parties and funerals. After that, you can go into something less with pattern, a plaid, or a houndstooth.

3. Slim Is In!

By going slimmer, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to strive for a super skinny fit. It’s just has to be tailored accurately especially in cuffs and pants length. Cuffs should end around one to two centimeters above your shirt, and pants should be hemmed to sit right to avoid pleats.

4. Shoulders Are Key To Looking Fit

Remember to always pay extra attention to your shoulders fit. They should never extend beyond actual shoulders and avoid excessive padding. Even if you lose ten pounds, your shoulders aren’t going to change.

5. With Or Without Socks?

Exposing ankles may look good in summer, when you put on linen or cotton suit. But when you need to go into the boardroom, the last thing you’re going to be wearing to meet those CEOs and chairmen is no-show socks. Be a little bit more conservative and play safe. For the shoes, if your suit is navy or grey, always stick with brown leather. Lace-ups and loafers both work as long they aren’t square-toed.

6. Ties And Shirts

We recommend you to buy shirt and tie at the same as your suit so that you’re able to match them all at once. As for dress shirts, pay attention not to put on shirts with baggy arms or excess fabric underneath armpits. White is the best-selling color and work amazingly with all suits. And if you wear pocket square, the pattern should be different with your ties