To some people, a clean and organized fridge seems like an impossible task to do. Worry no more, we’ll bring you some tips to overcome the problem.

First of all, begin reclaiming your freezer space by categorizing items. You might have different categories for meats, fruits and veggies, and frozen foods.


After you have your fridge categorized, determine best locations for each items. Meats should be put in the coldest part of freezer, while items that doesn’t need that much amount of low temperature can be put in the door. Also don’t forget to put small items closer to eye-level so they don’t get lost.

Containers can help save you time and money by keeping like items together. In fact, they work just like magic. Here’s some tips on how to select the right containers for your freezer:


  • Opt for clear containers that you can easily see into such as Rubbermaids' Easy Find Lids
  • Use only containers that are freezer-safe. Most plastic bags will shatter in a sub-zero temperature
  • In order to prevent 'freezer burns' use a ziplock inside a container
  • Label and never forget to put the date

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