Have you ever dreamed of dazzling white teeth? Here's an all-natural way to get the perfect smile.


Use the inner side of the banana peel to massage your teeth and gums. When massaging, be persistent, the process takes just a couple of minutes. Now just wash your teeth with regular toothpaste, and after a few days you will notice the difference


Strawberry has been considered for years as a friend to the human teeth. The sweet-and-sour fruit contain fruit acids that help to prevent external staining to the teeth from various foods and drinks like tea and coffee.


An apple a day keeps your dentist away. When you chew up an apple its tiny parts are hiding in between the teeth, and the glands are creating a new form of saliva to clean your teeth from the bacteria and neutralizes the acid, thus protecting your teeth from cavities.


The juice that comes from citrus fruits, especially the one from lemon and lime has certain enzymes in it that kill bacteria, among which those that are responsible for bad breath. Also, lemon juice corrodes the stains that form on the teeth from different foods and drinks. Citrus fruits also increase the secretion of saliva, which washes away the leftovers of food that can accumulate between the teeth.