Be a new you in 2015 by changing your hairstyle. Here are the top haircuts for you to try for heating up things with a new look this year. This season is all about texture, from fuzzy sweaters to new layers.

The Edgy Pixie

Dare to be sexy with a short hair this year? Try to makeover your hairstyle with The Edgy Pixie cut. This hairstyle can be rebellious but still looks feminine since it will highlight your sexy cheekbones, neck, and jawline. Try and be sexy just like Kristen stewart, Scarlett Johansson and Keke Palmer! For a standout Edgy Pixie style, try to use volumizing mist before blow drying. Use your fingers instead when blow drying. Finish it with a light wax throughout your hair.


The Ruffled Petite Cut

Getting bored with your straight bobs? Try this Ruffled Petite Cut like what Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Julianne Hough have. This cut is all about short and defined waves that will frame your face effortlessly. Make your Ruffled Petite Cut more outstanding by using your fingers to blow dry out your hair and use polishing wax to style your hair as you wish.

The Blunt Midi Cut

This Blunt Midi Cut will work best on you with an oval face shape like Kendall Jenner, Elizabeth Banks and Hailee Steinfeld. A straight across cut without layers and a bit of feathering cut style at the ends. Tips for making your hair straight without volume is by using straightening balm on wet hair and then create a long middle part a long way to the top of your hair. Use paddle brush to dry it until it’s shiny and straight. Apply your best hair serum before blow dry it again.

Full Graduated Layers

Make your long waves be shorter and more graduated that will fall sexily just below the collar bone. This Full Graduated Layers cut has natural volume and an effortlessly easy, but seriously sexy vibe. Just look at how sexy this cut is in Julianne Moore, Megan Fox and Suki Waterhouse. Easy tips to make your effortless sexy graduated layers is to use a volumizing spray and frizz control cream before twisting your hair and drying it with a diffuser. Use finger to frame tendrils around the face and finish by adding serum on them.