Wearing color can be difficult to some men, since nobody wants to be the person that looks like traffic lights. But did you know that a simple tricks can make your plain outfit look more trendy?

Start simple by adding color to your socks. You won't really see it, but people will get a glimpse from time to time. When you got something basic going on for the day, try to put a pair of unique socks. It could turn something like a jeans/T-shirt or khakis/collared shirt combination into something that seems a little more deliberate. It’s like you're putting a pocket square in a jacket.

With green being a trend this season, wearing dark and leafy green shirt with green outer will look awesome. Try green parka coat for a stylish look.


Don't forget the checked shirts. It is one of the perfect way to incorporate the trend and some colour. The good side is, you won't have to add more extra colors in your outfit when wearing


 Experiment with accessories like bags or hat, but don't wear them all at once! Once or two pieces will suffice for beginner. Wear a bag from Herschel with decent colors. You will never go wrong wearing it. Find Herschel at Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia - First Floor.


Once you feel comfortable with color, wearing floral prints jacket will take your outfits to the next level.