COPIA is derived from the name of the Roman goddess that gives abundance to the Romans. COPIA itself contains the meaning of "abundant", "thanks", with additional meanings such as "excessive, rich and opportunity". COPIA is one of many Roman goddess revered.

First Step

COPIA is the first thematic cosmetics store that carries the concept of "ALL AROUND THE WORLD" in Indonesia. Each store has a characteristic concept different countries - different and tailored specifically for your shopping pleasure. For at Copia Summarecon Mal Serpong, COPIA brought the concept of "Market".

Which makes COPIA different from other cosmetics store is COPIA adhering to the concept of 3E comprised of Expert, Experience, and Explore.


We believe each of you is a unique beauty. Here we present a memorable shopping experience through our staff and experts, well versed in helping you choose the best product for your skin.


Shopping into an exciting and enjoyable experience when you step into our store because COPIA provide an atmosphere / ambience of different countries to unique products that you do not find in other stores.


Copia understand that your every need is different, then Copia invite customers to play with a variety of products available at Copia so that customers can find care and makeup products that best suit their style - each.