"Urban, Elegant and Sensational” are the concepts behind the designs of Patinya.

Patinya is strikingly confident yet sensitive daring to rebel against the ordinary. She lives a practical sophisticated lifestyle, knowing the true qualities of herself and what is best for her. With her uniqueness and admirable to fine quality, Patinya seeks only for the best in design, finest fabric and cutting that surpasses the highest standards essentially devote to support her eminent appearances. With advocates for the metropolitan life, Patinya “Day-to-night” designs enriches professional look for one who lead important and dynamic roles in the daytime which at night can in an instant beautifully change her look for a romantic dinner or great time among friends.

Patinya superiority are reflected in many aspects beginning from international trend designs that are well matched with classic color shades, sophisticated pattern making combined with the finest fabric and tailoring quality that equips both modern and classic haute couture techniques. In addition Patinya carefully designs and tailors limited masterpiece dresses that are made on a customizable basis for the utmost special occasions.