Everyone knows Morgan. For just over 40 years the Parisian brand has set itself up in the ready-to-wear world and built itself a legendary image in France and internationally. With fashionable collections and a constantly updated selection, Morgan is in touch with a young, active, urban customer base who take responsibility for themselves while attuned to the values of femininity, originality and freedom. So Morgan has everything it needs for captivating women who love fashion and are always on the lookout for the latest trends.

Morgan’s history is a success story that does not end with the expansion of the small brand from Paris. Thanks to its worldwide renown, Morgan is placed alongside some of the biggest names in fashion.

In 1968, two sisters Jocelyne Bismuth and Odette Barouch founded their small family business. Morgan came to life in Le Sentier, the district in Paris reputed for its textile know-how. A profoundly Parisian brand, Morgan became legendary around the world in several years. Its glamour and individuality campaigns have captured spirits for decades and continue to make the brand shine around the world.