Ground Floor holds ladies luxury merchandise, beauty & fragrances along with accessories representing international high end brands. Entering the Central Lobby, you will find a modern ambiance of minimalist design with dominant color choices of white and golden bronze.


Upper Ground Floor provides array of merchandise for ladies such as apparel, shoes, bags and accessories. Upper Ground floor has contemporary design with the choice of dark grey paint and black wallpaper. The use of wood floorboards and wooden panel adding natural and warm touch of Upper Ground Floor.


1st Floor Dominated by Men merchandise, entering the first floor, you will be greeted by industrial ambience with an edgy touch of black steel, white bricks and dark colors of grey and chrome. Stepping further into Men’s Casual Merchandise Department, the ambience is more subtle and lighter with the use of parquet oak.


2nd Floor Carries Kids & Home wares. The floor is dominated by brighter yet subtle colors such light pink and light blue. The use of oak wood for shelves and divider give warm ambience that is suitable for family, yet it does not lose its touch of modernity.